The Best Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents (2020)

It’s 2020 and everything is changing. We will be share with you the best social media strategy for real estate agents in 2020. We’ve all seen the fact that Instagram and Facebook and YouTube all the algorithms are changing. So how are you goanna stay on the top of the latest trends, And how are you goanna leverage social media in order to scale your personal brand. So we will be sharing with you six tips that you need to do in order to crush it with social media in 2020. If you love learning tips tricks and strategies on how to scale your real estate business in the modern way.

We leveraged social media in order to help and build real-estate business. And in first year of planning and strategies. Our clients did over a thousand dollars just from Instagram and Facebook ads. We also been ranked many top realtor businesses on social media within just my first year of work. And last year in 2019. All of our business came from social media. As we don’t or never had any sales team and never went out to a networking event none of it. We want to share with you strategies that one need to be implementing in 2020, In order to become a lighthouse.

As so many realtors are doing marketing of there real estate business in a wrong way.

Generally, Most realtors are old school like a tugboat. What they do is every day they put on their suit and they go out into the ocean and they try and bring as many boats back to shore as possible. And then the next day they have to put on their suit don’t won their little tugboat on more boats bring it back a wrong way of doing business.

The best way to do business is to actually become a lighthouse which attracts tugboats. You want to become a client magnet. It is one of the best ways to do that is by leveraging social media and content marketing.

What should a real estate company do?

If your company. YouTube channel, Instagram profile, Facebook page or ads that aren’t working well. We’ll show you in real time exact improvements that could be done to level up your business. So read-out this blog for the solutions.

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