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Join the world's leading brands

Join the world's leading brands..

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Choose your category.

Choose your category and get a website and app, and all the essential features you need to succeed in the market’

Customization & Design

Choose the design, upload all your product information, add your logo & promotional banners.’

Live within days

Builder can get you live In as little as 2 days, with both your website and your app.

Support & Maintenance

Our built-in support keeps your website and apps up to date with no fuss. Plus, you can scope and add new features at any time.

Your app is ready to use!

Your App is ready to Go.

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Start selling without tech know-how in 2 weeks

Start you ecommerce store in 2 weeks, without needing tech knowledge. All you need is the idea – and Builder.ai app builder will help you grow your business and bring it to life.

Keep 100% of your profits

With a Builder you will get an app and website in no time, you can make online sales without worrying about marketplace fees or revenue-sharing schemes. As compared to shopify no additional fee is charged.

Get continuous ongoing support!

We provide continuous ongoing support once your project starts till its completion. Our aftercare warranty continuously 24/7 monitoring your software, i.e. we make updates, fix bugs, upgrades and offers application security.

How Builder.ai app builder works?

Your customers won’t wait – create your brand identity today!

An expert will handle project & manage everything – from kick-off to delivery.

Unlike other software app builders, Builder.ai can give you an accurate price and delivery time before you start. The one-stop ecommerce shop includes a website, apps and all the productivity tools you need to grow your business online. And, you can get started from as little as ₹2,500 per month.
With Builder.ai, you can create an app without any coding knowledge. In fact, the one-stop ecommerce shop has been built specifically for businesses who want to get online without the hassle. You can get your own website and apps without needing to consider anything technical, and the Builder.ai team will always be there to help you along the way.

You’ll need to pay all third-party fees, that’s things like transaction fees to credit card  providers or charges to your delivery provider. But unlike other app developers, there’s no  revenue share.

Whether you pay upfront or make monthly payments, 24 months of free app maintenance are  included. You also get $50 a month of cloud hosting credits (as your business scales and  orders or traffic increases, you may need extra hosting).


  • Monthly instalments for 24 months 
  •  Includes CARE 
  •  Includes Cloud support up to $50 of cloud credits; additional usage fee will be borne  by the customer 
  •  Customer gets access to code at the end of 24 months 

Full upfront:  

  •  CARE + Cloud support as described above, provided for 24 months
  •  Customer gets access to code right away 

3rd party services: 

  • Customer is responsible for all 3rd party services and associated costs.

Currently, we offer a complimentary recharge of $50 in the form of credits in the cloud wallet.

Our Plans

Choose package that suits you!


Web & App

  • Starter Plan

    INR 2500 X 24 Months
    • Responsive website
    • No seller fees.
    • Discounts on payment and delivery partners.
    • Free hosting for 24 months.
    • Fully customisable URL: www.your_store.com.
    • FREE 24-month Aftercare package.
    • Option to pay up front with a 15% discount.
    • Max 100 sales per month.

    Premium Plan

    INR 5999 X 24 Months
    • Responsive website.
    • No seller fees.
    • Discounts on payment and delivery partners.
    • Free hosting for 24 months.
    • Fully customisable URL: www.your_store.com.
    • FREE 24-month Aftercare package.
    • Option to pay up front with a 15% discount.
    • Unlimited sales.
    • Own the code.
    • Additional features to scale your business.
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